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Heusinkveld SPRINT Pedalplade

With the brake of the Sim Pedals Sprint being able to cope with up to 65kg of force, standard pedal mounting plates of rigs often show excessive flex under these loads. This baseplate helps to create a solid platform to mount the pedals on your rig.

The baseplate assembly consists of multiple elements: A pedal plate on which you mount the pedals, a height adjustable heel plate as well as two brackets which are used to secure the baseplate to an underlying frame.

Mounting hardware is supplied to mount the pedals to the baseplate, as well as hardware to mount the baseplate to a 6mm thick underlying plate.



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Available on backorder

Available on backorder

Heusinkveld SPRINT Pedalplade

Product Description

Pedal plate

The baseplate mounting points for the pedals are slots allowing for lateral adjustment of individual pedals. The dimensions of these lateral slots are 29mm for the brake and 24mm for the throttle and clutch.

Every single pedal can also be adjusted 12.5mm backwards and forwards through the slots in the pedal feet themselves.


Whole plates

The heel plate on the Sim Pedals Sprint Baseplate is height adjustable. You can either put it in the default position (0mm elevation), or use spacers to raise it. Two types of spacers (20mm and 40mm) are supplied in order to put the heel plate in an elevated position.



Additional Information

Weight 5 kg

Heusinkveld SPRINT Pedalplade


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